We believe in what we preach. WPUP runs on the same exact setup that we provide.

The goal is to provide simple hosting for normal WordPress users where they can have their site hosted on a secure cloud instance.

There are many hurtles (skill sets) that a normal site owner needs to overcome to run a site on a cloud server instance.

  • Linux command line skills
  • System administration skills
  • Network skills
  • System Security skills
  • System lockdown

WPUP’s solution utilizes some of the industry’s top Cloud providers, Security providers and Performance enhancing services.

Wrapping it all together into an easy to use automated service that will take care of everything for the end user. The end user will not have to know anything about servers, Linux or security. It will all be handled automatically by the WPUP system.

Because these server instances are provided by the industry’s leading cloud hosts, the actual hardware and host infrastructure is in great hands of trained professionals.

Services to be provided by WPU

Server instances – pick a size and go, eventually top providers for you to choose from

Security – SFTP locked down account, Simple SSL setup, Site scans, File scans, server lock down, URL filtering and all server instances automatically updated, including security patches.

Backups – Automated backups at both server instance and application level stored in an off site secure system.

Performance – Nginx, Apache, PHP-fpm latest versions, and CDN options

Scalable – Scale your instances with the change of a setting, Up and Down

PHP – ¬†Ability to select the latest supported PHP versions. Not just WordPress, but you will be able to run any PHP application that can run within the set requirements of WPUP’s system. Eg. PHP frameworks like cakePHP, etc.

Fully Managed – All server instances, security, etc. are fully managed and monitored.

Affordable – Realistic server instance pricing with all of the features that normally cost extra.

Possibly included: Email accounts, Domains, SSL certs

Last updated on April 8, 2015 by Jeff Behnke - Owner/CEO
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