Secure Hosting does not need to be expensive!


We recomend using at least the free version which is excellant and provides some hosting security on any hosting.
Even though it’s free it has a lot of powerful features, including blocking bad bots, known hackers and spammers before they ever reach your site.

They also have a simple WordPress plugin for seamless integration.


This is an addon feature that includes all kinds of security features.


Securi has a Free plugin in the WordPress plugin repository.

It has a lot of very useful features including remote scans for their current security triggers.

All of these security features loaded onto a cloud platform that is automatically updated and patched makes it a world class secure hosting envyroment.

WordPress Plugins & Themes

Know what is in your plugins and themes.
Do not install plugins you don’t need.
Popular is not always the best!

Have WPUP vet all of your WordPress plugins and your theme for security or performance issues.
If we don’t aprove of them, either fix them or remove them.

Timthumb is not allowed anywhere!
There is no reason for it as WordPress has done the exact same thing Timthumb does by default for a long time. If your theme uses Timthumb you should seriously think about a new theme since the theme developer should have known better and cared enough about their client to build the theme without Timthumb.

WPUP Bonus

If you have WPUP manage your WordPress updates and backups with all of the above security features included. Bonus: If we host it, we guarantee its security, should you get hacked we will clean it up for free.

Last updated on April 17, 2015 by Jeff Behnke - Owner/CEO
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