We are still in development, so signups are disabled for a while yet.
But we wont turn you away, use the Contact/Chat button at the bottom and we will manually set you up for now.

All server instances run on the latest Ubuntu OS.
We can only offer Ubuntu OS because of the way the servers are provisioned.
(We may offer more options in the future)

Developer My Site eCommerce Pro Sites Extreme
1sites 2sites 5sites 10sites 20sites
512MBram 1GBram 2GBram 4GBram 8GBram
20GBspace 30GBspace 40GBspace 60GBspace 80GBspace
1TBtransfer 2TBtransfer 3TBtransfer 4TBtransfer 6TBtransfer
0email 2email 5email 10email 15email
CloudFlarenone CloudFlareaddon CloudFlareincluded CloudFlareincluded CloudFlareincluded
Starting at$$ USDmonthly Starting at$$ USDmonthly Starting at$$ USDmonthly Starting at$$ USDmonthly Starting at$$ USDmonthly

These prices may change.

The site count in not a setting but a limit suggestion for the server size based on smaller sites.

WPUP Hosting Addons

  • SiteLock Upgrade
  • SSL Certificates (includes instalation on WPUP Hosting) $10 monthly
  • Domain specific email accounts additional $2 a month per inbox
  • WordPress managed updates & backups $25 monthly per site
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