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wordpress-logo-stacked-rgb WordPress management is about the most important thing you need to do with your WordPress site. Keeping everything updated, WP core, plugins and themes along with backups can be a chor some businesses don’t want to be bothered with.

Thats where WPUP comes in with an affordable WordPress Management package to help give you a peace of mind.

From a security aspect, updates is as important as it gets. But, offsite backups are also very important. Offsite being the key word and meaning not on the same machine as your hosted site.

A common place for cPanel type hosting is to store backups on the system itself, which is a bad idea. Any time of catastraphy or even harddrive failure and you loose your backups.

For only $25 USD a month per managed WordPress site

You get enterprise level management:

  1. WP Core always updated
  2. Plugins and themes always updated
  3. Security scans and hardening
  4. Daily backups
  5. Backups stored offsite in Amazon S3 cloud
  6. Access to your backups at anytime

Plus if you host with WPUP we take the security to completely new level with 3 layers of security. Security scans, DNS filtering and vetting of plugins and themes.
Add on SiteLock for even more protection.

Last updated on April 22, 2015 by Jeff Behnke - Owner/CEO
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